Ah, Venice

I sigh that everytime I look at these photos. First day back at work after my long vacation was extended by some nasty bugs, and though it’s nice to once again walk among the living, I’d still rather be in my beautiful Venice.

Eating my way through Venice

There is a very small and homey restaurant in Venice called Alle Testiere, which, if you are lucky and make reservations well in advance, you can sit back and spend a few hours while Bruno Gavagnin takes the day’s catch from the Venetian waters and turns out some of the most balanced and interesting seafood … Continue reading “Eating my way through Venice”

the italian charm school for boys

It’s hard not to get lost in Venice. I would imagine that even those without an incredible talent for getting lost such I possess could easily lose their way in the labrynth of alleyways and squares and bridges and dead ends here. Some of the passageways, some even with shops and bars along them, are … Continue reading “the italian charm school for boys”

This… is… JEOPARDY!

Originally emailed 2/27/03 following my sound drubbing on Jeopardy… The Short Version: I didn’t win. I did have fun. The Slightly Longer Version: I was fodder for the Jeopardy mill, falling not ignobly to a true machine of a Jeopardy player who was, I feel certain, on his way to being a five-time champion. And … Continue reading “This… is… JEOPARDY!”