Get your Stripey on

It’s a new category! The addition of a fashion/design element to our site (other than, you know, Gayee McGayerson) is long overdue. We’re calling it Stylefile.

In our first Stylefile entry, I’m calling myself out. I like stripey shirts. In fact I realized upon unpacking here in New York, where I am working for a few days, that I brought three stripey shirts. While this is more of a packing error than a crisis, it was with shock and horror that I read in the Post this morning that they make me look like a young stockbroker out to get laid:

For a night on the town, it seems vertical bands are still the shirt style of choice for most men, including these clubgoers in the Meatpacking District.

When most guys in New York want to get lucky, they wear the “Stripey.” You know Stripey. It’s the goofy-looking shirt that has become as basic as a pair of socks.

Key characteristics: somewhat fitted, vertical lines, the top two buttons undone. Worn with jeans that are just the right level of tightness, not loose enough to scream “Gap!,” not tight enough to scream “Gay!”

Two years ago the Stripeys were daring. Invigorating. A funky alternative to the stale look of black pants and Banana Republic.

But now it’s everywhere. The Stripey has monopolized the clubbing wardrobe, assaulting the city with a fashion blitzkrieg, the likes of which we haven’t seen since the Trucker Hat.

For the record, mine are pretty baggy. But still. It’s always god to know that the trend dominating your closet has a year, tops, shelf life. Stripey shirts are what I started buying when I stopped buying every dark blue shirt I came across. Now I’ll just have to find my next fashion obsession. Bergdorf’s, anyone?