Negative Graffiti

Following on from the very cool Banksy wall art that Pam posted, here’s another very cool graffiti artist. He uses soap and water to create “negative graffiti” by cleaning dirty walls and other surfaces. Sometimes he scrapes old posters off walls to make images from the layers beneath. You can read about “Moose” in this NPR article (there’s a great slideshow there too), and you can see more of his art at his website.

Negative poster art

Seems the authorities are a bit upset about all this, but aren’t sure how to charge him. If he graffitied a very large rectangular area with this method, would this still be graffiti, or just cleaning?

Sometimes he gets paid to do promotional work too — see the Xbox logo in the last slide. But is it still art, then?

Add this to the long list of iNoun products

Well… sort of. In browsing my daily hot sheets, I came across this little article in Engadget (which, like this article, is a re-hash of this article) about the iPod Suit. Designed for the young, hip, exec that needs to wow the boardroom with his newfangled widgit that cost a lot and really serves no purpose other than showing his or her generational chasm from traditional business attire. However, this does mark the first time I can remember the iNoun product wave attempting a swing into the executive fashion market.

“As if your ipod is THAT inaccessable in a suit?” R.Randall Fransen, heterosexual designer, quipped. He goes on (and I paraphrase), “But if your iPod is buried in a bag I can see a need, of course.”

I give them “E” for effort, “A” for style but “F” for iNoun product awesomeness.

I think nonfamous should have another cat. for iNoun products…

Meet the “I’m a Mac” guy

I love those new “I’m a Mac” ads on TV (and I know Jay does too — he always rewinds them when we’re fast forwarding through the commercials on TiVo). This LA Times article is about the actor who plays the Mac. (The PC guy, John Hodgman, is regularly on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart.) I didn’t realise he was in Galaxy Quest until I read the article. And he didn’t have a Mac when he shot those commercials, but he does now.

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I Shall Drunk Dial No More

First, let me start by saying I have 2 really bad drunk habits (aside from being drunk). 1 is drunk emailing and the other is drunk dialing. We’ve all done it. We aren’t proud of it and most people that are the recipient of them have probably uttered, “We’ve all done it” in attempts to console. Nonetheless, the embarrassment from making said call still stings. If only there was a way to eliminate the chance of Drunk Dialing and not have to delete potential victims out of my phone…

AH-HA! This morning on my way to work NPR‘s Morning Edition had a little blurb about a mobile phone that could stop this embarassment.

“You blow into a spot and, if you’ve had too much to drink, the phone displays a weaving car hitting traffic cones. It will then prevent you from dialing pre-specified numbers that could cause embarrassment.

That is exactly what I need. I do some more digging to find this article on Engadget and another on MobileMag. I guess this is old news except that they will be available in the US very soon. Thanks to LG, I shall Drunk Dial No More.

Top 10 Bollywood Remakes of American Movies

New game–invent titles for Indian remakes of American movies. Think Bride and Prejudice.

Peter and I started this list today. Here’s the top ten(ish). We invite you to add to the list.

  1. Three Days of the Tandoor
  2. Citizen Khan
  3. Apu Grows in Brooklyn
  4. Give My Regards to Banjara
  5. Come Back to the Five and Dime, Jagadeesh, Jagadeesh
  6. My Cousin Vikram
  7. Any Which Way but Delhi
  8. The Unbearable Lightness if Bangalore
  9. Bombay Confidential
  10. Dhal Day Afternoon
  11. The Talented Mr. Ramamurthy
  12. Samosas and Sensibility

Ok. Forum’s open. Be creative!

Randomize Your Life

Just like my thoughts…

when adopting a cat and taking it home, it could be scared and have a tendency to crap all over you and your car. if that does happen the best thing to do is roll down the windows and throw out all the clothes you were wearing that had crap on them. but make sure you get your wallet out of them BEFORE tossing them out the window.

Man, The Cheesecake factory is my new favorite food joint.

My reading list is made by Jon Stewart. I started reading every book I saw on The Daily Show in January… that happened to be a lot and I’ve only managed to get through a weeks worth of book recommendations. So far the best one is also the most eye opening. “No Place to Hide” by Robert O’Harrow, Jr. is a chilling look at how the very low regulated gathering of information by private companies is now being merged with biometrics and purchased by our government.
Costa Vida is a sub-par burrito joint. It’s just my opinion.
Oklahoma and Utah have pretty much the same alcohol laws… but Utah is worse because you have to by a membership at a bar if you want to drink.

5 things that make my head explode: conservative politics, pop music, fox reality shows, the awesomeness of shaun white, the delay again of Windows Vista
Coolest thing I saw this week: a bar sign near the LSU campus advertising a new drink… “Ridick’s Tears” (courtesy of r.randall fransen photography)

You have: Tea. No tea.

Ah, what a sweet case of cognitive dissonance. What’s a good fundie to do, when an evangelical film company produces a Bible-thumpin’ film about missionaries converting an Ecuadorean tribe to Christianity, but the lead actor is openly gay? On the one hand, you have the president of a Baptist Seminary slyly suggesting that firebombing the production company wouldn’t be a bad idea (gee, how Christian of him!). And on the other hand, you have Focus on the Family coming out with this perfectly reasonable statement (I thought I’d never see the day!):

Do we at Focus feel compelled to check on the sexual history of everyone in a movie? Did they have a D.U.I.? Did they pay their taxes?”

How’s a good Christianist supposed to make sense of all of this?