gay judo

I haven’t gone to this site, because now with my new office space making my computer even more highly visible than before, I have no idea what will pop up on my screen to the benefit of the entire room, but I definitely thought this might be of interest, and include my friend’s entire description (she is a third-degree black belt in seido karate):

This is a site by several gay guys on judo and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ),
and gay sex. Or rather, how they get off on playing judo with hot guys.

I admit, the blue gi (uniform) is really cool, and wouldn’t get as dirty as
our white ones…

They even have fiction pages based on, I assume, fictional accounts of real
judo guys’ lives. Takes RPS to a new level. They have personals, advice
column, Cosmo-type quizzes.

Who knew?

(and back to me: RPS stands for Real Person Slash. This is a type of fan writing wherein real people are “characters” in fan stories (fanfic), and in this case, slash fic. Slash, for the uninitiated, is hard to describe because it means many things, but mostly it’s same-sex relationship stories based on characters from TV shows or movies or books, wherein fans see the subtext in things like buddy cop shows as overtly romantic, and write them that way. RP slash and RP fiction are, however, frequently violently opposed in many fan communities because of their violation of privacy and just personal issues in general.)

As if just being New Jersey wasn’t strange enough

By now, pretty much my whole world knows that I am a Jersey Girl and proud of it. If my rabid Bruce Springsteen fanaticism wasn’t clue enough, perhaps my fascination with boardwalks, the Sopranos, and all-night diners clued some of you in. Jersey is a great place to be from, if not necessarily to live in, and it provokes in those of us who hail from the great Garden State all kinds of nostalgia for our misspent youths hanging out in the parking lot in front of Wawa’s and kicking out of summer jobs early enough to spend a few hours at Great Adventure.
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Taken, but ever so slowly

In case you missed the advertising blitz, the Sci Fi Channel has taken a massive gamble with its new miniseries Taken, the full title of which is apparently “Steven Spielberg Presents Taken.” It is the geek-centric network’s bid to be taken more seriously by viewers, critics, and of course advertisers. IBM’s sponsorship of the series bodes well for that effort– though I must say David and I found the newest batch of ebusiness spots to be the highlight of Monday’s episode. This is surprising, given my rather rabid personal interest in the subject of alien abduction.
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