Think Globally, Buy Locally

Disclosure: my company, Symantry, is in conversation with this company regarding marketing services.

As most of you are aware, I am a big supporter of local business. It is only when I can not find what I need that I venture outside of the Puget Sound to purchase goods or services. Recently, I was introduced to Judy’s Book. Not only is it a place to get references for local crafts people, restaurants and other products but you can join and recommend your favorite vendors to others in the area. Judy’s Book also serves New York and the Bay Area so you can check out recommendations before you visit those areas, too.

With more and more people going online to search for what they need, local businesses are finding it harder to compete with national brands. This community site is one more way you can help to promote your favorite local vendors.

Get RID of it!

My pal S. recently moved in to new digs in the north end. She and her sweetheart have been gradually furnishing their home and filling in their kitchen cabinets using Freecycle.

Now I am totally addicted to giving stuff away to total strangers. Oh, sure, I could get it together and have a yard sale, lord knows, I could use the cash, but then I’d have to dicker with the early morning bargain seekers and even worse, I’d have to drag everything out on the porch, price it all, and deal with the stuff that didn’t sell. Or I could fill the car and drive down to the Goodwill. That means I’d have to get organized. No way.

Check it out, this is so easy! You just post the thing you want to get rid of (for free, of course) and someone emails you, like, right then, and says “I can come and get it today at 530. Work for you?” It’s awesome. You could probably say this: “Yup, that works fine, but bring a friend coz I can’t do any lifting.”

It’s excellent. I’m sure you have something you’ve been meaning to get rid of and it’s just too much trouble. Go on. There’s a Freecycle listserv near you. So far, I’ve unloaded that brown student desk that I could not get rid of on Craig’s List and that stupid Ikea lamp with the terrible design.

I love IKEA, I hate IKEA

Considering that I just spent about nine hours putting together two flipping end tables, I don’t even know where to start with this one… But how about this: how about when IKEA addresses the issue of male/female sex characteristics, it also show something useful in the instructions? Something along the lines of how to put the damn thing together?

OSLO, Norway (Reuters) — Swedish home furnishings giant IKEA is guilty of sex discrimination by showing only men putting together furniture in its instruction manuals, Norway’s prime minister says.

Would You Like Outsourcing With That Order?

So I guess when it gets too expensive to do business in one state, go to the next, right? Oregon McDonalds (and some in Eastern Washington) are now outsourcing to other states. So when you drive up to the order window you order is taken via the phone line some 1500 miles away in North Dakota, a photo is taken and all the information is sent back to that location and your order processed?

Why, you might ask? The minimum wage in Oregon is $7.50 while the minimum wage in North Dakota is only $5.15.

Is McDonalds not making enough money off their Mad Cow Burgers that they need to rape employees now?

Food for Thought!

North vs. South

Why Costco is better than Wal-Mart

First, I should disclose that I am a big fan of Costco – even before I found out the things that have been reported lately. Costco is the closest thing to a corporate co-op surviving in the world, today. Wal-Mart on the other hand is a nasty, soulless place that I can not stand. And I have concrete reasons for feeling the way that I do.
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If you have to ask the price…

… you can’t afford it. This maxim definitely applies to QUALIA, the new hyper-premium consumer electronics line from Sony. The website (gorgeous, natch) doesn’t list any prices. But those amazing headphones? $3,000. I hesitate to think what the digital projector costs, but the product description is some of the hottest technoporn I’ve read in a while. Oh yeah, baby, give me your Carl Zeiss optics and your solid-aluminum lens barrel! Hot!

Read it and drool.

Just in time for Christmas

From Tom’s Dispatch via Alternet is this year’s shopping list, featuring The Gift of War.

Okay dads, we hear you! Sure, you want to steep junior in the military experience, but skip the dolls, right? Then you’ll definitely want to invest in the Military Role Play Set from “Manley” (I kid you not). With recent top-brass pronouncements that U.S. forces are likely to be in Iraq for at least the next 5-10 years, you can’t start too early acclimating junior to the desert-camo-colored play set that includes a helmet, knife, gas mask, and a few grenades. You know he’ll grin when he pulls the pin!

Also, there’s an unbelievably odd Hilary doll.

If your blog needs hosting…

And, if it’s a blog, it does… Use Tranquil Blog Hosting. Mark, the owner, is both a class-A Linux geek and a soldier for the forces of good in a world beset by evil and ignorance.

No, really. Many of you know what I’m talking about. He has gone so far above the call of duty that the other hosting providers should be ashamed any time his name comes up.

As David can tell you, I am not a genius when it comes to the technical parts of blog-owner-dom. I play HTML by ear, mangle CSS, and have a nasty habit of wanting to futz with the inner workings of MySQL. I really know how to fuck all that shit up, in addition to losing my password and all the normal stupid stuff English majors do online. Now that I think about, Mark has probably saved my young marriage a few times–if David had had to fix my errors, it could have gotten ugly. Mark just fixes everything with a smile–and a really pleasant Carolina drawl.

So seriously, friends, tell anyone you know: is the way to go.

Soap, Steam and Golden Tans

As we move into the Seattle Fall Season of five to eight months of rain, it gave me great pleasure to find a little quip that caught my eye in the current issue of Dwell. Now that the boating season has come to a close my greatest worry is the maintenance of my bronze glowing skin. I mean, what is more is more important than retaining the appearance of winters in the desert and holiday trips to Mexico? Who know you could do it in your very own shower!!! Having become ever so increasingly bored with multiple jets and fiber-optic lighting, I am thrilled to know that in the process of cleaning my butt cheeks I can tan them as well. Glory be to modern inventions. Let us raise a can of beer in the shower and cheer clean Hoo-Has and tanned Tally-winkers!!!
If the down right fear of getting electrocuted in the shower doesn’t get you, knowing that you beautiful bronze skin will fall off one day, will!