Flags of the world, graded

I love design, I love criticism, and I especially love sarcastic antipodean humour. So this site that gives letter grades to all the flags of the world according to arbitrary but hilarious criteria is just about perfect for me. The patriot in me was disappointed by Australia’s C score, but the maths geek in me had to chuckle at this one:

World Flags Graded

UPDATE: At this other cool site, you can vote on your favourite flags “Hot or Not” style, and see the hottest and not hottest flags others have voted on.

Hitchhiking to Alaska, a photo essay

Found this cool story about a young guy’s hitchhiking trip from NY to Alaska.  Check out the “abridged” link for some of the best photos, but I really enjoyed the stories from the unabridged link.  Really reminded me of the film Into the Wild that Jay and I just saw.  Really good film, especially for me since I hadn’t read the book and was totally surprised (and even shed a few tears!) at the ending.

Places I have flown to

I spent some time wandering down memory lane at flightmemory.com, trying to remember the places I’d been to by air. Remembering the places you’ve been to is easy, but when there are layovers involved trying to remember how you got there is tricky. Anyway, I think this is pretty close. I’m sure there are a few places I’ve left off, and I’m sure I’ve missed or mistaken some stopovers here and there. And it doesn’t count places I’ve been to by train (many cities in Europe), by car (many places in Southwest and Northwest USA) or boat (mainly Alaska and some European cities I visited via ferry).

Places I have flown

(Click for a full-size view.) Counting the flights shown alone, I’ve flown 72% of the way to the moon and spent two full weeks of my life on planes. But each leg is only counted once, and I’ve crossed the Atlantic at least 30 times, the Pacific 10, and done Europe-Australia 5 times. So it’s probably safe to triple those numbers. Scary!

For the love of God

From Supertouch blog, see how Damien Hirst’s bling masterpiece for the love of God  (pictured below) was made. I’m sure I’m supposed to be offended by the ostentatiousness of it all, but I actually think this is kinda cool.  Not that I’m ever going to afford it, of course.

For the Love of God


The trailer for the upcoming movie Hot Rod reminded me of the sketch “Shitscared” from the old Late Show series that aired in Australia in the early 90’s. I found this clip on YouTube, and I’d bet that these 6 minutes are funnier than the entire movie. Enjoy.