Places I have flown to

I spent some time wandering down memory lane at, trying to remember the places I’d been to by air. Remembering the places you’ve been to is easy, but when there are layovers involved trying to remember how you got there is tricky. Anyway, I think this is pretty close. I’m sure there are a few places I’ve left off, and I’m sure I’ve missed or mistaken some stopovers here and there. And it doesn’t count places I’ve been to by train (many cities in Europe), by car (many places in Southwest and Northwest USA) or boat (mainly Alaska and some European cities I visited via ferry).

Places I have flown

(Click for a full-size view.) Counting the flights shown alone, I’ve flown 72% of the way to the moon and spent two full weeks of my life on planes. But each leg is only counted once, and I’ve crossed the Atlantic at least 30 times, the Pacific 10, and done Europe-Australia 5 times. So it’s probably safe to triple those numbers. Scary!