Finally, those Mexico pics

Sorry for the egregious delay. These things take time… and the ability to look at vacation pictures without wondering why, why, WHY we came back!


Seriously… why? David and I spent a week in Troncones, which is simply amazing. It’s rustic and off the beaten path, but features a dozen places where you can get a great meal and killer margaritas. And Casa Colorida, where we stayed, is nothing short of amazing and we can’t wait to stay there again. It’s just a short stumble down the beach from “El Burro Borracho.” In addition to cheap booze, El Burro serves a mean huachinango, the local specialty of red snapper fried with garlic, as well as an amazing ceviche.
The full gallery is here. Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Finally, those Mexico pics”

  1. I love your pics. My girlfriend and I are leaving two weeks from today for a week, split up between Zihua and Troncones.
    We are staying in Palapa Marcos at Casas Colirida.

    Any suggestions you want to throw my way about Troncones, Casa Colirida, the surrounding restaurants, OR anything else would be GREATLY appreciated.

    Thanks in advance

  2. Hi Cory,

    Not too much specific to recommend. All of the restaurants are good, so you can’t really go wrong playing it by ear. They have dancing at El Burro once a week that’s well worth checking out. Jay really enjoyed his massage at Pleasant Moment, if you can abide the hippy-dippy atmosphere. It’s also worth taking a drive along the coast road to check out the other places in Troncones, and if you want a more upscale experience (and some good cocktails) the Inn at Manzanillo Bay is worth a stop. You can rent boogie boards there, too (but it might be cheaper to buy them at the big supermarket in Zihua on the way).

    Oh, and watch out for submerged rocks in the water in front of Casa Colorida. I dove into the water about 100 feet from the shore straight onto some rocks, and scratched myself up pretty badly. And be sure to check out the alligator in the swamp just to the left of the beach (it’s cool).

    Have fun and enjoy your trip!

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