In Soviet America, Flag Flies You

So apparently it’s state law in Colorado that “any person who displays any flag other than the flag of the United States of America or the state of Colorado or any of its subdivisions, agencies or institutions upon any state, county, municipal or other public building or adjacent grounds within this state commits a class 1 petty offense.” And because of this, a geography teacher showing the Mexican, Chinese and UN flags in class and refused to remove them has been put on leave.

In other news, evolution has mysteriously disappeared from a list of acceptable fields of study for recipients of a federal education grant for low-income college students. They say it was just a “clerical error”, but in the current climate of intelligent design and flag-banning, that seems unlikely to me.

One thought on “In Soviet America, Flag Flies You”

  1. This law about the flags seems like the nationalistic version of the first of the Ten Commandments against other gods and such. (You need to skip over the second commandment, though, since likenesses of our flag are everywhere.)

    Now everyone, turn and face our flag, place your right hand over your heart, and repeat after me in unison: “I pledge allegiance…”

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