Angry With Israel

Last night, I rode my bike down to the International District to join some friends for dinner. I crossed paths with Critical Mass, a bike ride comprised of hundreds of cyclists, all spinning up Jackson. It was a beautiful site and I was happy to be out with my own two wheeled friend. At the restaurant, we ate excellent Vietnamese food, had cake, talked about languages, and celebrated our mutual friend’s birthday. It was getting a bit dark and I’d forgotten my lights, so I took off, rolling home under a fading summer sky.

While all that was happening, about a mile away, a man walked in to the Jewish Federation of Seattle and shot six women, killing one. He shot them because he was “angry with Israel.” A man walked in to a building and shot six women because they were – are – Jewish.

I’m angry with Israel too. I’m angry about a lot of things.

I’m angry that people can’t make the distinction between Jews and Israelis.

I’m angry that people can’t make the distinction between governments and individuals.

I’m angry that the US government can’t make the distinction between Iraq and Afghanistan.

I’m angry that Osama bin Laden has somehow managed, though one awful blow, to devolve American society into a culture of fear.

I’m angry that the US government exploits that fear.

I’m angry that the the US government is so embroiled in an endless war that they can’t spare the resources to dedicate to a cease fire.

I’m angry that the rhetoric Israel is using is almost exactly the same that the US adminstration is using. Olmert probably doesn’t even write his own speeches, I’ll bet he just recycles Bush texts, changing Al Qaeda to Hezbollah.

I’m angry that Tony Blair continues to act like George’s lap dog.

I’m angry that Al Gore conceded. Still.

I’m angry that people get all hopped up when oil companies post profits. They’re not state run, people. Get a grip.

I’m angry that we can’t make the connection between oil and war in the Middle East.

I’m angry that people like Dick Cheney have power.

I’m angry that something I was born to – being Jewish, like the color of my eyes or the shape of my feet – is something that someone could use to justify shooting me.

I’m angry that we don’t have gun control.

I’m angry that there are casualties in the Israel-Hezbollah war in my city, half a world away.

“Angry about Israel.”

I’m out of words to describe how angry I am that while I was eating dinner, a man walked in to the Jewish Federation of Seattle and shot six women, killing one.

One thought on “Angry With Israel”

  1. Yes. Me too. What do we do?

    I’m feeling helpless. I go to anti-war protests every now & then, but can’t remember when I last even heard about a protest. I ride my bike as much as possible (because no one has to go to war to power my bicycle). I debate my neighbors (ardent Rush Limbaugh fans). I teach my students to ask questions & think from multiple points of view, which I hope will eventually lead them to vote more wisely than my neighbors (I teach in conservative Orange County). I’m worried that the future historians will think that Americans now weren’t upset about our government’s wars, our government’s support of Israel’s war, our crazy fury-inducing times.

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