Washington State turns down equality

Sadly, the today’s Supreme Court decision struck down equality for gay and lesbian couples in the state by affirming the constitutionality of the 1998 defense of marriage act. We’re sad, but I’m not surprised. There are some glimmers of hope though: it was a close 5-4 ruling, and the justices did say in the decision that the legislature “may want to re-examine the impact of the marriage laws on all citizens of this state.” And, as the Pride Foundation said:

This is a sad day for everyone in Washington State, and indeed, the country, who believes in equality and fairness. By upholding the Defense of Marriage Act, the Court has said that Washingtonians should be treated differently based on who they love and who they are. Washington State has a long and proud tradition of standing up against discrimination. Let’s not be discouraged, but rather move forward and vow to continue our fight for equality. Our community is resilient. We know that this discriminatory law will be struck down.

I’m sure the Pride Foundation will continue to fight the good fight, and if you haven’t contributed already, they are deserving of your support.

By the way, Jay and I were interviewed by Susan Paynter of the P-I (before the decision came down), so there might be some quotes from us in her Friday column.

2 thoughts on “Washington State turns down equality”

  1. It’s more than just sad. It’s pathetic, and makes me angry. Somehow 5 justices on our supreme court managed to uphold a mean-spirited and discriminatory law, basically by twisting all reason around to say that gays and lesbians are not a protected class, which the non-discrimination law passed earlier this year defined these people as. Regardless of their reasons (whether it’s bigotry or cowardice) those justices are an abomination to the courts.

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