Jane Says

Dress and Serve Greens

“In a series of narrative images ­ a sexy game of cards, a scantily clad lawn mowing seductress looming over a lawn-chair lounging TV dad, Richlovsky explores how desires for excessive consumer goods ­ a suburban house, a nuclear family ­ are in essence sexual desires. In constructions inspired by magazine advertisements from the 1950¹s, she attaches rectangles of painted patterns to the images. The abstract patterns contradict, reinforce, or parody the content and formal qualities of the ambiguous narratives with which they are paired.”

Anyhow, that’s how her press release reads.You maybe don’t even need to know all that to know that you should go see her show. What you should know is that she is an amazing painter. Just go.

Ballard Fetherston Gallery
818 E. Pike Street, Seattle, WA 98122
Gallery Hours:11:00a.m. ­ 5:00p.m.
Tuesday-Saturday and by Appointment

Exhibition dates: April 7th -May 6th
New Paintings by Jane Richlovsky
Artist Reception: Friday April 7th 5-7pm
Artist Gallery Lecture Thursday April 20th 6pm

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