The Prejudice Test

I’m sure the good folks at Harvard would object to me calling it a “Prejudice Test”, but that’s basically what the Implicit Association Test measures. It’s an on-line psychology test, that measures your bias towards certain populations or concepts. Unlike most psych tests — typically the “soft” kind — this one is built around a true experimental design with a quantitative response: the time it takes you to associate, say, the work “shameful” with the picture of a gay couple. It’s hard to describe (although Slate makes a good attempt); you really have to try it to see what’s going on. There are many tests you can try: for Race, Gender, Religion, even Presidents. I tried the Gay one, and according to the test I have a “moderate automatic preference for Gay People compared to Straight People”. The results may surprise you.

3 thoughts on “The Prejudice Test”

  1. I don’t think the Harvard folks would object to your calling their test a test at all. However, I do believe it is called an “association test”, not just a prejudice test. But, again, I can understand your response and it could likely give us information about ourselves. I took the test today on race. The test said I have a “slight automatic preference” for European people vs. African American individuals. I would like to believe I am not prejudiced, but obviously my association of negative words and concepts along with faces of Blacks showed different. Enlightening. The test was interesting and I plan to return to the others just for my own experience. Your response was interesting. I wondered what your sexual orientation is and if that influenced the outcome on your test?

  2. I took the test and discovered I prefer young people to old (I must admit, as a teen, I am a little biased) and I have a slight preference to gay people. I’m happy that most of my results were little to no preference.
    I was going to take the wepons test, but I was a little scared of what the outcome might be.

  3. i took the test and discovered that i am a prejudice and that im happy with that. even though i am still young still has an effect on my thoughts about other people outside of my religion group.

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