So opposing an unjustified war is encouraging terrorists

But Bill O’Reilly suggesting they attack San Francisco is not, huh? Again, I say, some liberal media. Remember when Bill Maher lost his show and gained the scorn of conservatives all over the country for suggesting that the guys who hit the twin towers weren’t cowards? And yet, that was worse than actively encouraging them attack an American city.

So here’s the way I see it. Bill O’Reilly just invited al-Qaeda to attack an American city, which has got to be as much a treasonous act as anything any other Americans being held without being charged on terrorism-related suspicions. So he, too, should be picked up, and put in a cell with Hamdi and all those others, until the Supreme Court decides whether it’s constitutional to suspend Americans’ rights in the justice system. If they go with the constitution, then let’s charge him and try him. If not, then the one good thing to come of it is that that asshole O’Reilly will be behind bars indefinitely where he can’t publicly advocate the mass killing of innocent Americans.

One thought on “So opposing an unjustified war is encouraging terrorists”

  1. I am so tired of these talking heads like O’Reilly that want it both ways. They want to be taken seriously as a political and social commentator but when they put their foot (and other assorted body parts) in their mouth they want everyone to recognize their flair for theatrics. Either they are serious or they aren’t – O’Reilly could learn a lot from Colbert, at least Colbert’s hyperbole is delivered with impeccable timing rather than just spittle and splotches.

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