Kill the space pinto

No kid was more Space-Shuttle-Crazy than I was. My family pulled strings to get me private tours of the Johnson Space Center with a real-live Astronaut, and only the oil bust kept me from being at the front of the line for Sapce Camp. I was devastated by the Challenger disaster. But you know what? This guy is saying what I’ve been saying for months, only with actual evidence and knowledge and stuff: kill the damn shuttle. Before it kills again!

Put us all out its misery, spend the money on inventing the next thing, and ask the ESA and the Russians to help us figure out the mess that the Internation Space Station has become. Seriously… watching the space walk to regrout the heat tiles was just embarrassing. I am sure the astronauts would rather get dropped off a few miles from the space station and spacewalk the rest of the way, letting the orbital hoopty lurch away unnoticed.

Seriously… if a satellite so much as taps the rear end of that thing, KABOOM!

2 thoughts on “Kill the space pinto”

  1. I agree. I’ve also toured Johnson with a 3-flight veteran who happens to be a personal friend. You’re right that the shuttle in its current form has to go. But why is it that the fragmenting foam pieces have just started happening in recent history? Why was this problem not occurring during the 80’s and such? Answer: those pesky foam pieces that are flaking off now do not contain freon compounds they once did, thanks to the environmentalist whackos. I know this for a fact. Yet another example of politics interfering with science and the safety of lives.

    We need to go back to that blasted freon foam on the tanks for the immediate future and then as quickly as possible get the next generation craft into flight, as we’re supposed to be leading the world in space too.

  2. Are you telling me that “environmentalist whackos” are responsible for NASA materials specialists not finding an adequate alternative foam that didn’t contain freon? Environmentalists are responsible for those deaths? Rather I think it is the scientists that didn’t test appropriately or the government bureaucrats that wouldn’t spend the money to find a better alternative. I hardly think “environmentalist whackos” had anything to do with it.

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