Like a steel trap

I’ll be honest. I don’t know enough about the Federalist Society to know if I should care whether or not Mr. Nice Guy, the Supreme Court nominee, was a member. What I do know is this: If one of the supposed finest legal minds in the country, a guy who’s supposed to be able to digest and analyze critical pieces of information over time, can’t REMEMBER whether he was or was not a member, and if so, in what capacity, well, maybe he’s not all that sharp. I’m just sayin.

I can’t remember all kinds of shit, but that’s probably because I smoked too much pot as a teenager, plus, the civil rights of all Americans don’t hinge on whether or not I can recall what happened in the past. Like, you know, stuff that laws were passed about and shit. I mean, come ON!

Thank you. I feel nominally better now.