80 years, $100

Every New Yorker ever. Eight fully-searchable DVD-ROMs. Wow.

For the first time, every page of every issue of America’s leading magazine—from full-color covers to spot drawings, from poetry to Profiles, from cartoons to advertisements—on reader friendly and highly searchable DVDs.

The Complete New Yorker covers The New Yorker’s entire history, from February 1925 to February 2005, the magazine’s 80th anniversary, providing a detailed yet panoramic history of the life of the city, the nation, and the world during the most exciting and astounding decades any society has ever known.

Want one!

One thought on “80 years, $100”

  1. Woo! I’ve been wishing that Harpers would do this.

    Since 1925! Someone spent a lot of time scanning pages into the computer.

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