The Rude Pundit on Dean

Oh how I love The Rude Pundit. His take on the brouhaha about Dean’s honesty about the rethuglicans being the White Christian Party are amazing and amazingly rude. The only part I can quote is this:

Besides, ain’t it fun to watch Hannity and Coulter and Gingrich and Hume and all the other hate-filled sociopaths flail about and try to take Dean down? You’ve seen Dean’s arms? Big, thick sons of bitches. He can bear it. And he can throw it back at them. As long as those behind him don’t put him in handcuffs.

OK, I’m sure he didn’t mean to but that kind of turned me on. I always did have a thing for Dean.

Don’t have any liquid in your mouth, or any coworkers nearby, when you read the post.