Karen L. Brauer, Pharmacist for Life

Courtesy of the good folks at Riffle Meet the sex-obsessed nutbag who is front and center in the fight to make sure that crazy sluts women can’t get abortion pills birth control pills at their local pharmacies. It’s inconceivable to me that people like this are actually influencing policy in this country. The inmates are truly running the asylum. To wit, from a Google archive of one of her Usenet posts:

For all the NOW gal types who might be lurking…. See what the
Domestic Farm Animal style Birth Control has gotten you? When you get
pregnant, you did it to yourself. The man does not participate. It’s
not his fault. That little head works by remote control, and is totally
disconnected from the big head. It’s just a whackoff. That comes from
drinking the water that ya’ll have been peeing the hormones into…..
(hehe, just kidding). But that “environmental hazard” is one reason
that B.C. pills are still illegal in Japan!!!
NOW gals, ya got what you wanted. Total autonomy. So don’t ask some of
these guys for child support. Thanks for screwing things up for women
who want their kids to have a daddy.

I’m all for chastity requirements in the military uniform code of
justice. Dishonorable discharge and loss of benefits for anyone caught
having sex outside of marriage. Male or Female. Whaddaya think???
Wouldn’t a chastity patrol be wild! 😉 Finally: constructive
employment for voyeurs!!
And I’m for no sex at all for people who cannot accept a baby. Not even
a B.J., ’cause they don’t deserve one.

Seriously. Crazy.

One thought on “Karen L. Brauer, Pharmacist for Life”

  1. Brauer has murderous misogynist pro-pedophile priest Munchausen by Proxy pyschosis. My Catholic Munchausen mom burned my skin off when I was 6 so I’d be a walking bill board against marital sex. Brauer and my mom aim to kick wives out of their marriage beds for any sex except breeding fresh altar boys and girls for ped priests and playboy adulterer Randall Terry who has a new half-age broodmare. Brauer and mom believe husbands should incest the kids or visit hookers like my dad. They believe priests and GOP politicians don’t have enough illicit sex outlets and that all wives should be pagan sacrificed through deadly and disfiguring childbirth to accomodate their Catholic HERESY!
    Brauer should be investigated for tampering with customers’ prescriptions–I wouldn’t put it past that mother killing bitch to have sold fake birth control pills and condoms with holes. Brauer is counting on your historical amnesia to overlook women’s childbirth scourges–smelly, deadly bladder and bowel tears that force moms into adult diapers and divorce. Just as Viagra is touted for men’s urinary health, contraception and abortion are essential for women in avoiding deadly vaginal childbirth, caesarian uterine ruptures, face and breast cancers caused by female fetuses, strokes, blindness, baldness, heart attacks, gangrene, and countless autoimmune diseases. Even with modern obstetrics, 30-50% of all American moms wear embarrassing Depends–just ask the jilted GOP First Wives Club! Birth control removes husbands’ excuses for adultery and annulments. Birth control gives women potty parity with male Viagra users. But all Bitch Brauer and my mom care about is exploiting fetuses to explode other women’s “naughty parts”! Brauer probably has Depends stock. She probably stinks from childbirth incontinence. Her creep husband probably molests their kids and visits hookers. More importantly, Brauer ignores anti-birth controller Pope Paul VI being a bonfide Nazi genocider of 500,000 Serbian non-Catholics in 1942. She ignores Jesus never condemning an RU-486-like Jerusalem weed that spared his women followers childbirth incontinence divorces. She ignores 450 other God-given abortifacients like coffee, tea, wine, tobacco, soy, ginger, and yucca. Brauer has given herself and others caffeine- and Consecrated wine-induced abortions. The Catholic Church knows pre-menopausal women expell embryos with most of their periods but goes ballistic when I insist they hold last rites and funeral masses for all those bloody, smelly tampons. There is no theological difference between surplus petri dish embryos and miscarried tampon embryos. By the Church’s own standards, tampon embryos should be saved for reimplantation or proper burial just like petri dish embryos. You know Bitch Brauer flushes away her own tampon embryos! If I lived closer, I’d check her garbage for napkin “embryos” and stage media event funerals for her used napkins on her street and at her Catholic Church about her coffee abortions! I’d hire detectives to tail her cheating husband. Make the Brauers publicly accountable for all the eggs and sperm coming out of their putrid bodies! Tell the Brauer kids about their parents’ “baby killing”! What goes around comes around!

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