Faith based science

It seems like an oxymoron, but apparently there is such a thing. And sitting square in the crosshairs of the faith-based scientists, that bastion of evil, those minions of Satan, that’s right, um, IMAX?

It’s not like I’m an IMAX junkie or anything. The last time I went was after we’d all read In to Thin Air and wanted to see the Everest movie. But when heavy handed extremists determine not just what they have access to, but what I have access to… well, I’m just repeating myself. Again. Repeatedly.

IMAX has a statement on the issue here.

One thought on “Faith based science”

  1. I guess it’s not surprising, considering how things seem to be going in this country, but this is really getting ridiculous and scary. When did we step through the looking glass, and how do we get back to the real world?

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