I vant to be (left) alone

Are women to be allowed no right to privacy? It seems that once we begin our menses, our bodies are no longer ours but somehow the collective property of the arbiters of “right.” Once more government is attempting to invade the medical privacy of women.

This is a particularly twisted use of their power. The AG of Indiana is asserting that they are seeking proof of child abuse by seizing the records of girls 13 and under from local Planned Parenthood offices. While I applaud efforts to ensure the safety of their state’s children, it seems to me that there are much more effective ways to do this than seizing medical records.

For example, the State of Indiana could add budget and personnel to the Child Protective Services office and to their juvenile courts. They could put together a statewide task force that visits schools to inform students and parents about the laws and offer counseling services for students that wish to come forward as well as training teachers and school officials in how to spot and counsel abused children.

And what about the boys? Are boys to be left out of this new push to ensure the safety of children? How does seizing the private medical records of girls who voluntarily sought medical care from Planned Parenthood protect male children at risk?

This is yet one more fishing expedition by a state AG (see KS, PA and MS) in the anti-choice attack on women’s productive rights.

Author: terry

I am a socially liberal, fiscally conservative Berkeley grad who loves words and makes my living manipulating people with them. In short, I am a marketing consultant. Straight, married, white female with a healthy appetite for good food, fine wine and great times with friends and family. I've got a thick skin, a sense of humor and I am absolutely without shame or political affiliation. I don't do religion, though I do believe in God. I am a true believer in personal responsibility, personal privacy and active philanthropy. My personal philosophy: Live with integrity, love passionately, fight bravely and never give up! So, go ahead, challenge me, my opinions, my facts - I'm looking forward to it.