Christianity, GOP-style

Imagine how the rest of the world, especially the non-Christian world, must think the most important Christian values are in the United States:

I mean, say you’d never read the bible and you were trying to figure out what it’s all about based solely on how it’s represented in public politics. You’d have to assume that Jesus was this, like, insanely angry dude who had a lot of ideas about how the Romans ought to run their government and totally fucking hated gays more than anything. In fact, you would fairly guess that Jesus talked about his theories on sexuality, birthing, and science like 99% of the time, but maybe had, like, a passing hobby where he gave soup cans to lepers on thanksgiving or whatever.

(From Big Picnic via The Poor Man. )

One thought on “Christianity, GOP-style”

  1. Well, I say, “Heaven forbid that we actually spend any time or resources on solving the issues facing the poor. I mean, it’s not like they actually matter, right? I mean, it’s not like they contribute to the campaigns so, f*ck them.”

    I mean if you could actually get people to care about the poor then you’d have to be a communist, and Reagan killed all of them so, the poor aren’t important.

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