The Doctor is in!

Let’s all be clear about this. Either the Democratic Party fights the President and the Congressional Republicans tooth and nail, or the country is pretty much toast. Harry Reid is doing a damn fine job as Senate Minority Leader giving ’em hell on Social Security, but we are going to have to stay low, fight hard, and enforce discipline if we have any chance against their message machine and media dominance.

But the good news is that we finally have someone in charge of the party who understands that the Democratic Party should belong to individuals, and not just a corporate-funded clone of the GOP. Howard Dean used “the Internets” to great effect in his campaign. Now that he is (thank the good Lord) head of the DNC, he will no doubt do the same.

If you are, like me, happy that Dean beat out a bunch of idiots who thought the right response to Nov. 2 was to chuck our core values and go “Repub Lite,” why not chip in some cash for the cause to welcome him? Best of all, the button below will take you to a page where you can make that happen–while letting them know sent you. [Secure contribution link provided by ActBlue.]

Get to it!

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