Viva la France

“It is not in God that the French trust …but in human rights and in the power and responsibility of ordinary men and women to make a good society without reference to gods or kings.”

That choice quote is from this article in the Guardian called “If only we were more like the French.” The writer ties a lack of revolutionary history to Britain’s failure to embrace “egalite.” Worth a read. And begs the questions: What’s our excuse?

One thought on “Viva la France”

  1. What’s our excuse? I think opposition to this sentiment is one reason:

    “What France is saying [to the country’s 5 million Muslims] is that we want some of your daughters to marry some of our sons.”

    We may be a melting pot but the ignorance and bigotry of a large portion of our population would be horrified if they thought a government policy was actually promoting inter-racial/inter-cultural marriage. It may be legal (it wasn’t always) but the wingnuts are not about to go out of their way to make it happen. In fact, with all of the opposition to gay marriage I imagine that there would be an underground campaign to discredit any of the politicians that might come out in favor of this idea. That and they would make the Muslim half of the equation convert to Christianity.

    The other side of this is the complete moral bankruptcy of the people that scream about God the loudest. We know they protest too much. To rid our own socio-political discourse of religion would mean that we would have to judge the merits of some person or plan on the benefits to society at large rather than obscuring the payoffs to cronies with meaningless God-talk and rhetoric.

    What are you trying to do, Pam, make everyone deal with reality? How dare you!?!

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