How the Grinch was Crucified

Well, we are getting closer and closer to the ever loving holiday of the Christ King’s Birthday, Glory Be! Pretty packages, and I mean PRETTY, are everywhere! Tiny Tots are working there fingers to bloody nubs so that we can have extra nice things under our tree. And I’ll be damned if the ozone didn’t spring another hole with the small depletion of forest that is now hanging on the front of my house!

But nothing brings a tear to my eye more than my favorite game of Dress Up Jesus, the Christ Mass version!! Nothing like a littler diversion from the office holiday party, have fun! Who’ Who’ Who’!

2 thoughts on “How the Grinch was Crucified”

  1. Oh, Jamie– bad, bad, BAD! I’m going to have to go to church on Sunday just because I saw that! On the other hand, it may upset our Scripture-toting lurkers enough that they leave us alone for a while!

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