Lousiana, where “gay” is a bad word

And where, not altogether surprisingly, second-graders can’t spell!


Read the ridiculous story here.

Sadly, though, CBS and NBC apparently agree, even when it’s a church group using the g-word. At least, when they use it to mean something other than “sinner.”

Is this really happening in my country? Are those the sweet strains of “Advance Australia Fair” I hear???

2 thoughts on “Lousiana, where “gay” is a bad word”

  1. The spelling on that note is almost too absurd to be real.

    It’s interesting to read what other news sources are saying about this story. Currently, only 365Gay (I just mis-typed that as “365Gary”) is reporting the incident with the behavior clinic and Marcus being forced to write “I will never use the word ‘gay’ in school again.” It seems that fact would make it very difficult for the school district to say that the reprimand was not for using the G-word.

  2. Unfortunately, yes, this is really happening in America. But America has let itself be defined by policymakers who either see this country in shades of red or blue. So now, half of us want to be governed by religious hatemongers and half don’t. I am ashamed that a teacher did this but not shocked. What would shock me is if it happened here in Seattle. At which point you and I both will start memorizing the Australian national anthem.

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