The Ghost of Harry Truman

I’m pretty sure I learned in grade school civics that a Senator is elected to serve the people. I’m pretty sure I learned that the government was broken up in to three branches for checks and balances so no one wing would have to much power, too. But this all kinda flies in the face of what I read on Slate this morning about Arlen Specter and his loyalty oath.

Here’s Dahlia’s concise yet terrifying spin: “In order to claim the chairmanship of the Judiciary Committee, Arlen Specter was forced to abandon future personal or independent judgment—the very judgment the people of Pennsylvania elected him to exercise. He has pledged—in advance of knowing who they are—to endorse the president’s judicial nominees and to vote for a highly controversial GOP rule change to end filibusters and effectively terminate dissent of any sort in the Senate.”

The position Specter sought to hold has been completely declawed by the actions he took to ensure he would hold that seat. Does Specter need a gentle reminder that he was elected to represent the PEOPLE, not the President? Arlen, you’ve gone from John McCain to Colin Powell with the flick of a wrist. Stand by for the Power Point presentation.

One thought on “The Ghost of Harry Truman”

  1. That’s a message that voters in Pennsylvania really ought to be delivering to Arlen in every medium. Kerry won there.

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