The Mind Is a Funny Thing

Over 34 years, an Ohio man squirreled away more than one million pennies— organized by year of minting and mint— in 575 cigar boxes. (Organizing by president would have been simpler.) For a relaxing evening, the 78-year-old man enjoyed going down to the basement and counting some of what became about five tons. I suspect smoking might also have been involved.

A different article on the same story (which I was only able to view once before being required to create an account) reveals that Mr. Sukie also has collections of playing cards, matches and pencils with logos on them, and about two thousand Hot Wheels.

I’ve had collections, too. When I was in my first couple of years of elementary school (and would have been ecstatic about having two thousand Hot Wheels), I liked to collect sugar packets from the diners that my family seemed to frequent, because they typically had pictures printed on them. (And they contained one of my favorite drugs.) I especially liked those that commemorated the nearby tourist attraction. Later, I got more space-conscious, and I’d empty the sugar from the packets prior to storage. I’m not sure when I stopped collecting sugar packets, but I do remember that for quite a while, I couldn’t find a sugar packet that had anything but a company logo on it. The thrill was gone.

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  1. A famous man once said: “A big mountain of sugar is too much for one man. I can see now why God portions it out in those little packets.”

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