Why stop with Darwin?

If evolution is now just a liberal theory, what’s next for the fashionable Christo-nut? Geocentricity, apparently. That’s right: Copernicus got it wrong. And the Bible tells them so.

2 thoughts on “Why stop with Darwin?”

  1. The christian political right and their radically insecure views on science and global warming enables the auto and oil corporate donors to dam legislative action that might one day be responsible for saving the world from global catastrophe (not to be alarmist or anything).

    When, not if, it turns out the world is not flat but round and really fucking hot, I hope Johnny Cochran or some other kick-ass lawyers are still around to hold them responsible with a class-action lawsuit to end all class-action lawsuits.

  2. There’s a nice (long) entry on “modern geocentrism” on Wikipedia that considers the science. Ockham wouldn’t care for the math required in this model.

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