The Changing of the Guard, Part Deux

No one but no one is the least bit surprised about Colin Powell, right? I skipped that bit of news and went right on to finding out the buzz around who’s next in line for the Sec’ty of State.

I’m sure it could change over the course of the week, but this morning, the press suggests the pick of the litter is John Danforth. Salient points for me about this guy? He went to Yale where he studied Divinity and Law. Oh, and look, he’s heir to the Ralston-Purina fortune. Also on his resume? Mediation of the civil war in Sudan.

There’s more detailed lefty dirt on Danforth here. It’s worth checking out. We gotta keep a close eye on these people.

Okay, next up: Condi?

One thought on “The Changing of the Guard, Part Deux”

  1. OK, no surprise he is anti-choice and anti-women. Also, no surprise that he is a “Pioneer” or that he is connected in corporate America, specifically to Arthur Andersen. But Claggett? How the hell can I take anyone with a middle name of Claggett seriously? I mean, be reasonable.

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