Take Paulette’s Advice: Shake It Out

At Jay & David’s ‘wagon circle’ the other night, Paulette recommended seeing some live music to help exorcise any demons lingering and festering from Black Tuesday, or the appropriately Euro date order, 2-11.

Apparently, a Russian punk band inspired Paulette to mimic her dog shaking out water in his fur — kickstand legs, starting at the tip of his nose, working its way through the head, neck, body, limbs and tail. The effect was less ridding her body of a cold-inducing layer of liquid and more a physical fighting off of frustration molding into despair. She felt bathed and clean afterwards, surprisingly refreshed and invigorated.

Yeah, I thought, I could really use some of that. I think I smell rot.

My Eastern European punk band took the form of Wilco last week and Blonde Redhead last night. A combined one-two punch to my sad soul. Jeff Tweedy even asked if we were “bummed about the election.” He lamented his own bummed-outness but went on to say the election was supposed to be a “political solution” while “tonight was a spiritual solution.” He asked if we understood how amazing it was to be alive and feel the human spirit. To feel the power of transcending the world for a few hours and “get our minds blown at a rock show.”

No. Show me. So they did, a head-nodding two hours later replete with a killer “Don’t Fear The Reaper” cover. Nice dude.

Am I cured? Absolutely not. I’m despondent. Frankly, I’ve been deeply hurt by this either grossly misinformed or downright malevolent country. I don’t know how to overcome it. I’m still getting used to this never-expected concept of another Bush term.

That said, a good shake is a god-send. Thanks for the advice Paulette. And for those meatballs. Good lord.

2 thoughts on “Take Paulette’s Advice: Shake It Out”

  1. Hey– Paulette, Erik, Julie, David and I were all at that show too… too bad we missed you. It was a great show, but didn’t all those weird insect visuals kind of freak you out?

  2. Oh, Jason, who would have thought we’d all get a lesson in getting through this from my poor, crazy Yogi? Well, I guess I would. As Anika and I discussed during a teary-eyed conversation the day after 2-11. our pooches provided some serious comfort. Maybe it’s not just their furry sweetness. It’s the reminder that it’s not always a bad thing to focus on something like chewing on a particularly tasty treat or shaking it all out. That, and that wrinkly puppy face is just so soothing to scrunch up.

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