Zombie therapy

Chris Frizelle’s “LEAVING THE HOUSE ISN’T ESCAPISM, IT’S A POLITICAL ACT FOR THE WEEK OF NOV 11-17” kind of ties in with the whole discussion we had here last week about retreating into the happy little lefty enclave that is our Seattle. It’s a bit of a love-letter to the eccenticity of our city. And a call-to-arms for those of us who like being different from the rest of the zombies in the flyover states to take a stand and support those differences by going out and living it up for the next week.

And it just made me kind of happy reading it.

One thought on “Zombie therapy”

  1. I spent a blissful 45 mintues reading ‘Leaving the House…’ and a number of other post election ‘reports’ while hanging out at the very packed Victrola yesterday. Just when you think Dan Savage has annoyed you one last time, just when you think you can’t stand another word from that Sandeep Kaushik, the Stranger goes and does something nice like print that fantastic cover and the piece by Chris Frizelle. Hallelujah.

    Add to the “Pro” side of the list: The Stranger.

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