Kerry, Mary, and the Mullahs

AMERICAblog has this charming little post about the gigantic knicker-twist some of America’s favorite Christians mullahs have decided, in its post-eclection orgy of self-righteousness, to give themselves. It’s hard to believe it was only a month ago when Kerry was evil, evil, EVIL for merely mentioning that Mary Cheney, Professional Lesbian, was a, um, lesbian. Now, read what the preznit’s allies at the Family Policy Network are saying about her:

“The day after George Bush was elected president again, because of this morals revolution taking place in our country, he allows his vice president to not only put his lesbian daughter on the platform, but to bring her lesbian ‘partner’ up on the stage with him,” Glover says. “It almost seems to be a slap in the face from the get-go against the very conservatives that re-elected the president at a time when he ought to paying them some homage and respect.” Glover says the Cheney daughter’s open flaunting of her homosexuality is the antithesis of what the administration claims to stand for — and that the post-election display sends a mixed message to Bush supporters.

Clearly, the GOP can’t tolerate any mixed messages (strong leader, rezzaloot). Luckily, Bush and Co. have some visiting experts on theocracy hanging out at Gitmo… I think what Glover really wants is to have the Taliban up for a little pan-fundamentalist love-fest where a bunch of straight monotheistic landowning men can get together and stone Mary Cheney to death. After which Lynne Cheney will, undoubtedly, blame it all on John (“not a good man”) Kerry.

[And in a final note: do we think it’s technically correct to say that a woman who looks so much like Dick Cheney in a bad wig could really flaunt anthing? If Mary is going to be America’s Most Controversial Dyke for the next four years, can someone take her shopping? Ellen, she’s a Republican but a sister first– can you help her out?]

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  1. Isn’t it great that the original quote appears in a source named Agape Press?

    Somehow I doubt there was much “flaunting” going on while they were on camera.

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