From the War is Peace files

So, the top weapons inspector in Iraq says that Saddam had no weapons of mass destruction since 1991, thus, of course, adding more evidence to the mountain of it showing that the administration lied about the reasons for invading the country. Right?

Apparently not. The fact that one of the two main reasons for going to war was a complete fabrication justifies the decision to go to war, according to Cheney.

Ok, so I understand the concept of spin. But I feel like good old Fuck Cheney has put reality into a centrifuge.

3 thoughts on “From the War is Peace files”

  1. War is peace is totally wrong. I mean totally right. Fuck, I’m so confused.

    Cheney claims that Saddam had corrupted the “Fuel for Food” program which proves that Saddam deep down, someday in the future, wanted to start producing WMDs again, and that even Poland was in on it. Damn you Poland! First you swoop in and rescue us in the war against Iraq and now we find out you were in cahoots with Saddam the entire time.

    I don’t get it. The three reasons that made the entire case for launching an illegal, pre-emptive war on a faraway country have all been confirmed as being completely false. Yet, this doesn’t make a dent in their credibility?

    We totally live in Orwellian times. How could anyone vote for this kind of corruption? It’s so blatant it’s insulting.

    Then again, it seems to be working.

  2. Yeah… by Cheney’s logic we apparently need to invade any country that is illegally diverting humanitarian aid for any other purpose. That is a long list, my friends… permanent war requires a lot of targets. Good targets, as Rumsfeld says.

  3. The Bush administration scared us into “agreeing” to an Iraq war by pounding the cold threat of a wmd stockpile into us. Not only were there no weapons since 1991, Iraq didn’t even have the capability to make any had they wanted to.

    George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Condoleeza Rice and Colin Powell should all step down in light of this information. If not thrown into jail.

    “America, we have proven that we cannot be trusted, that we have terrible judgement at best, that we mistakenly dragged this country into a disaster based on complete fabrication. We are deeply sorry and owe it to our country to step down. McCain, you’re in.”

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