a diamond is your best friend

This is taking recycling way too far.

Author: terry

I am a socially liberal, fiscally conservative Berkeley grad who loves words and makes my living manipulating people with them. In short, I am a marketing consultant. Straight, married, white female with a healthy appetite for good food, fine wine and great times with friends and family. I've got a thick skin, a sense of humor and I am absolutely without shame or political affiliation. I don't do religion, though I do believe in God. I am a true believer in personal responsibility, personal privacy and active philanthropy. My personal philosophy: Live with integrity, love passionately, fight bravely and never give up! So, go ahead, challenge me, my opinions, my facts - I'm looking forward to it.

3 thoughts on “a diamond is your best friend”

  1. Is this creepier than ashes in an urn on the mantle? The fact that one’s remains could be easily carried everywhere seems likely to decrease the ability of survivors to move on after their loss.

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