Thirty years ago in Gay History

MSNBC links to a good PI article on gay rights then and now. The story quotes Jamie Pedersen, an old friend of mine who David met for the first time at the gay-marriage discussion we attended recently at the new Library.

Of course the important thing to remember is how many people want to drag us back down Memory Lane, and how quickly that could happen if we’re not careful.

I’m a little prickly about the “Pride” in gay pride (as if Monday will be back to another 364 days of crippling shame). But if being gay (as opposed to being a good person) is something to be proud about, our collective ability to get out of the closet and keep from being shoved back in is that thing.

2 thoughts on “Thirty years ago in Gay History”

  1. The Pride parade is one of my favorite Cap Hill events. Not only because of the campy silly showiness of the parade, but because of the crowds of people that show up. One year, my best friend dragged me out into the street to shake hands with all the people marching with the Jewish/Gay organization (can’t remember their name). “Look! It’s our people!” he shouted with glee. Your local reps are there and you can go ask them, right on the street corner, what the hell is up with [fill in the blank]. Last year the husband came home draped in beads and I laughed and laughed and laughed.

    I never go to the rally – you’re here, you’re queer, I’m used to it already, now I’m going to get a sandwich. But I do think it’s great to see how many people show up express solidarity. Nah, one day isn’t a fixer, how could it be? The fixing is a long unglamourous process. But it can be a day to see how much support there is for the gay community.

    It’s not nearly enough, I know. Are you going to be there canvassing for Va-is-for-Haters?

  2. Yeah, David and I will be there–marching with the rugby club wearing our VAhaters t-shirts. Should be a good time!

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