Sofia Coppola in a can

That’s right, Coppola vineyards is offering a “Sofia blanc de blancs” champagne (er, sparkling wine, pace the French) in 187 ml cans, with a straw attached, to make champagn more palatable and convenient for younger drinkers. I actually think it’s a great idea, especially if it tastes decent. Meg and David’s visit left me with a greater appreciation of champagne… having a few of these cans around could be a good way to have that impromptu celebration when you don’t want to open a whole bottle of champy.

2 thoughts on “Sofia Coppola in a can”

  1. OOH MY DEAR LORD!!! What the hell is next fortified wines with a screw cap??? What the hell is happening here???

  2. i think its great.
    its getting a lot of bad critisism as a wine but it wasint realy intended as a wine exactly, it is, but its being marketed to a younger audience of wine drinkers. the makers them selves are comparing their product to beer and beverages such as smirnoff ice and mikes but with a more elegant aproach

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