God save the Guardian… from the fundagelicals

Not only for their amazing coverage of everythin the US is doing to royally fuck up the world, but for coining the term fundagelicals.

The word “fundagelism” has never appeared in the columns of this newspaper. The term is, however, current in the blogosphere – that cyberforum which nowadays carries the most interestingly paranoid political debate. “Fundagelism” is not a word that trips easily off the tongue. It’s a crunching together of the even more mouth-boggling compound “fundamentalist evangelism”.

You know, back when I worked for Planned Parenthood, the national organization used the incomparable Celinda Lake as their pollster, and I got to meet her several times. She coined for us the term “religious political extremist” after her polling showed some horribly huge swath of American considered itself “religious,” “right,” or both. The phrase provoked the negatives it deserved, but in practice is was really hard to say in an interview (almost as hard as “weapons of mass destruction-related program activities”). “Fundagelical” is just a brilliant alternative. Do read the article, though it might well make you cry.

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  1. I keep hoping for an English Academy, the fact of which is twice unfortunate considering that I’m employed in the creation of technical documentation, where we not only need words for things yet unnamed but are also constantly stuck with a ridiculous amount of jargon that could be replaced with perfectly good English words and phrases… if our audience wouldn’t need to translate it back to the original Geek to understand it.

    And here’s another reason to flee to an island somewhere (from the article in The Guardian):
    There are, it is estimated, 90 million evangelical Christians in the US…America… is aching for certainty. Any certainty. Fundagelism supplies it. God help America is all I can say.

    There’s no reason to be worried about the environment with the Apocalypse right around the corner, and you’ll never be able to save all the sinners. So, just move off to some safe community someplace where your kids will have difficulty even thinking of something you consider Wrong, and hunker down for the Big One.

    I probably shouldn’t be too critical, though, since I find that I’m often dreaming of living in some quaint beach house in a tropical paradise somewhere (while also imagining that I wouldn’t get bored).

  2. Gary, that article was just disturbing. Yes, I know there are people like that out there, but it’s still creepy to be confronted with them. Kind of like how you know all the various organs in your body, but you really just prefer not having to see any of them.

    Though I have to admit, my slightly mean, but overwhelming reaction to this sentence: Stein…says that it would take “a frontal lobotomy” for him to vote for Sen. John F. Kerry, that “I would need to have my brain cleansed of all reason and thought.”

    Was to notice how the rest of the article demonstrates how he’s met his criteria for for voting for Kerry already.

  3. “40 years old, Pam is a wife, a childless by choice, a freelance writer and a Liberal. She lives in a condo that has no guns in the closets and a menorah on the bookshelf. Her husband doesn’t live in America full time because the lately, the US scares the daylights out of him especially when it comes to health care. She loves her neighbors, gay, straight, and otherwise, Chinese food and high speed internet. She believes in trying to be nice and participates in organized religion rarely, though she did have Seder with her Jewish neighbors this year, where, they made a point of saying “Let’s take time out to state how, as American Jews, we don’t support the current administration in Israel.” She has a tiny back yard that she shares with the eight other households in her condo association. She drives a 1985 Toyota Tercel Wagon that gets 40 miles to the gallon. Her beer is Hales Cream Ale. Her savior, if she had to have one, would be the Dalai Lama. Her neighbors include Rep. Jim McDermott (D-Wash.), who gained notoriety by going to Iraq shortly before the current war to raise consciousness about the war ravaged lives of the Iraqi people.”

    Think we’re ever going to get across that divide?

  4. I figured out a solution for us on the west coast at a party this weekend. The Republic of Cascadia (get your paraphernalia now) will secede from the union, and we’ll get them to let us go by agreeing to take California, too—that is, freeing them of the evil and liberal Hollywood, as well as what I imagine is still a troublesome Los Angeles. (Actually, I’d be happy to take Arizona, too, with its Clean Election law and McCain.)

    Maybe the northeast can become New England again.

  5. Write your congresscritter. Here’s the text of Arizona’s proposal for secession.

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