Mean Girls

OK, OK, I know this doesn’t really belong in this category… but. Everyone made fun of me Sunday at Paulette’s for wanting to see “Mean Girls.” Well, hello?! SNL’s peerless (and sexy) Tina Fey wrote the screenplay. If it’s half as good as her work on Weekend Update, it will be well worth the ticket price. She’s one of the smartest, sassiest comedians out there, with a very wise feminist slant… maybe if more people paid attention to the politics of high school women wouldn’t get to college thinking feminism is a dirty word. It’s based on a well-reviewed nonfiction book titled “Queen Bees & Wannabes: Helping Your Daughter Survive Cliques, Gossip, Boyfriends and Other Realities of Adolescence.”

2 thoughts on “Mean Girls”

  1. I want to see it! Tina Fey was interviewed yesterday by Terry(i?) Gross and it was great. As the sister of a teenage girl (as if formerly being one was enough justification), I think it is great that this subject get some attention. People take “kid stuff” pretty lightly, but wait until your kid is ready to kill her/himself and then tell me it isn’t a big deal. Kids are MEAN and ruin the lives of other kids.

    One thing she said that struck home with me was how ingenious girls can be in what they do to others. It made me think of this girl in high school who (in hindsight) was insanely jealous of the pretty girls who never paid any attention to her (I was friends with all parties and actually the pretty girls were a lot nicer). Well, jealous girl HATED these other girls. So she DRESSED UP AS A WITCH and came to school and told them she had put a curse on them. There was this whole supporting cast to go along with — her other loser friends went along with it!! ONLY a teenage girl could come up with that!

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