uhm, liberal media my ass

So tell me why an article like “Bush’s flight from the guard,” published in Salon today doesn’t get the same kind of front-page hullabaloo that Kerry’s supposed protest tossing of his service ribbons (and not his medals) from Vietnam made yesterday.

Please, someone tell me why, with the mounting evidence that Bush lied about about his Guard service, and had people toss the evidence of it, the Washington Post can’t even get up the backbone to call a spade a spade and instead takes the wishy washy approach of asking if the story has legs?

Can people tell me why the people of this country were clamoring for every detail about Bill Clinton’s personal indiscretions and yet no one seems overly angered that we can’t even find out whether the president served out his term in the military or why he was grounded as a pilot?

Or why it was more important to know who helped set up rendezvous between Bill and Monica than it is for any of us to know anything about the development of the president’s energy policy and expert advice?

In today’s Post, :
“The White House is framing the case as a major test of executive power, arguing that the forced disclosure of confidential records intrudes on a president’s power to get truthful advice.”

Ok, fine. My points are kind of all over the place today. But that’s because there are so many good targets, and the stupid mainstream media doesn’t care. They seem to think there is something inconsistent in John Kerry symbolically protesting a war by throwing away an award from it, while keeping a personal memento he earned and had every right to keep, but that the president lied (I’ll say it in bigger letters) THE PRESIDENT LIED about his own military service record, is not such a big deal.

From Salon again today:

According to Lt. Col. Bill Burkett, who was a strategic planning officer for the Texas National Guard during Bush’s gubernatorial administration, James ordered a cleanup of the Bush Guard files in 1997. Burkett said he was waiting outside James’ office when he heard a speakerphone conversation between the commander of the Texas Guard and Joe Allbaugh, Bush’s chief of staff in Texas. Recounting the conversation, Burkett said he heard Allbaugh tell James to “clean up the governor’s files and remove any embarrassments in case he wants to run for reelection or something higher.”

Sigh. I want ABC, CBS and NBC news to devote the entirety of their broadcast to this tonight. But I don’t see anything on their front pages indicating that they have any intention of discussing this.

Just for the record, I’ll be working on John Kerry’s campaign at some point this year. Hell, I’m even considering taking a leave from work in the fall to do something full time for a month or two. I’m not sure in what capacity, but if there’s one thing I do believe at this point, it’s the responsibility of any citizen who values what this country stands for to do everything they can to get that putz out of the oval office.

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  1. Thanks Paulette– for giving me a needed kick in the pants. I have been bemoaning our sad state of affairs while doing nothing about them. I just went to http://www.johnkerry.com and signed up to volunteer in whatever capacity they will have me. Anyone else inspired to do the same? Right now?!

  2. Hmm… regarding Marti’s comment, I’ve donated to Kerry’s campaign twice so far—small sums, to be sure—so I can imagine being more active, but I’m at a pretty cynical low right now.

    Although, that might be because I watched too much TV news today. I got so sick of the issue of Kerry’s medals that I sought out the home page of the network I was watching at that point (MSNBC) to feedback (medals are symbolic, throwing them “away” is symbolic, and I don’t care what actually left Kerry’s hand that day). I was relatively pleased to see that the poll of the day was whether the reader cared about what Kerry did with his medals, and NO was leading with about 72%.

  3. Yes, we’re at like a third-degree simulacrum with the Kerry medal issue– arguing about coverage of political attack based on symbols of a war that now stands as symbol for what is/can go wrong with American foreign policy. And what’s truly sick about this is that the people who skipped out on the war are more free (semiotically speaking) to engage the issue symbolically, whereas Kerry has an actual history. History is expensive and messy; the talk of cowards is apparently cheaper than we ever imagined.

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