MoveOn PAC: “50 for the Future”

MoveOn PAC, which has been running amazing ads and pulled together the bake sale Pam told us about last weekend, is really a thorn in the administration’s side. David can’t, as a damn furner, contribute to PACs or candidates, but we both agree this is a great organization to support.

To that end, I ponied up for their “50 for the Future” drive which aims to raise $50 million from 500,000 Americans (translating to $100 each). According to their site, these funds would be spent as follows:

  • $10 million to support the biggest get-out-the-vote drive in American history;
  • $20 million for independent advertisements to reach millions of voters in swing states – ads that will cut through the spin and set the record straight on the issues facing ordinary Americans;
  • $20 million in contributions collected by MoveOn PAC directly to candidates from state senators to John Kerry, giving them the resources they need to compete.

Good causes all. Incidentally, Bush campaign director Ken Mehlman was quoted Monday as saying “ is a huge threat and has hurt the President.” Awwww. Of course don’t feel too bad for W–unless Dick or Carl told him how badly it was hurting him, we know he hasn’t read about it in the paper. If ignorance is indeed bliss, Bush must be a very, very happy man.

If you decide to take part, please let me know… I’d like to get a sense of how effectively we can use the site to raise awareness about different efforts. Also, look out soon for an invitation to a very special Swallow Don’t Spit evening. In honor of supposedly “French-looking” John Kerry, we’ll be sampling French wines and gathering donations for his campaign. We will win this election one sip at a time, my friends!