Driving Votes, and driving ’em hard

Driving Votes is a great idea… little Oregon (or Nevada or Arizona) road trip, anyone?

Now we just need to worry about getting out the vote on Election Day. I’ve joked with friends about starting a movement to make sure that everyone with a “I voted!” sticker gets a little sumpin-sumpin the evening of 11/2. They almost got Clinton out of office for a blowjob… using them to make sure Bush gets defeated (well, defeated again) seems like a pretty good idea.

Some folks are already thinking along these lines, but I don’t think it’s fair just to tittilate would-be Democratic voters. We really should just make Election Day a legal holiday… but short of that, I think the average voter deserves a little love. And it’s the perfect promotional idea for us libertines–I mean liberals–because we all know that the religious right is far too saintly to be swayed by something so obscene.