Baby Okie has two daddies

Well this is one of those wild news stories where one knows pretty much everyone involved–as well as one of those that makes me hang my head in shame at being from Oklahoma. (If anyone ever wonders why I’m an expat Okie, read no further.

The short version is that the State of Oklahoma is giving some gay Seattle dads the run-around in getting a revised birth certificate reflecting both their names. It just so happens that Gregory, one of the dads, played rugby with David and I before the combination of daddy-duty and a nasty injury sidelined him. These are like the nicest guys in the world… and their daughter is darling. Too bad she came from where she did. The idiot Oklahoma Commissioner of Health (James Michael Crutcher, who has one of those great Oklahoma serial killer names) instructed the department to send a single-parent certificate listing Gregory, along with a note that they were unable to “establish maternity” for Ed. For that funny little quip, I hereby nominate Crutcher for the Golden Asshole award.

Thankfully proving that not all of Oklahoma’s political establishment are homophobic knuckledraggers, Oklahoma Attorney General Drew Edmondson swiftly supplied the following opinion: “Upon receipt of a certified copy of an adoption decree the parentage established therein must be reflected on the supplementary birth certificate.”

Drew is a great guy–I met him several times when I was working for the Oklahoma Foundation for Excellence (a group devoted to raising the “Oklahoma is OK!” standard a notch or two). I actually know his wife Linda much better, having worked with her on several good (which is to say, hopeless) causes in my Okie days.

Of course Gregory and Ed are still waiting for a revised certificate, but with the Christian Coalition having hijacked much of the state government, I’m sure the health commissioner knows he’ll get maximum political benefit from making them wait.