Downloading Communism

On someone’s door at work yesterday I saw this little graphic about downloading communism when you pirate (v.t.) MP3s. I wasn’t sure if it was a joke, though I thought if I knew the source, that could be inferred. (After some searching about, I find that it’s from Modern Humorist.) I do so wish it really was from RIAA, and yet I’m one who seeks legal acquisition of media content.

In Brazil, they’ve apparently embraced this view of downloading music files, because they have a file sharing program named Comuna. However, a new study of 1.75 million downloads from 680 albums—the largest study so far—shows that free downloading of music files has no effect on CD sales. In fact, some albums seem to see a rise in sales as a result.

Author: Gary

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  1. My firm has done some work in the past with Modern Humorist… most notably, they helped us with the “Fire Clippy” campaign we did for Microsoft. Cool guys.

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