Sick at home

Ah, it’s spring, when young Jay’s head turns to mucus! I’ve been fighting a massive allergy/sinus attack for about a week, and no amount of medication seems able to kick it. Worst of all, David’s been under the weather as well–we’ve sort of had to take turns with who feels worse at a given moment.

But I have been bonding with my laptop all weekend, keeping up with the blogverse. I had meant for a long time (well, ever since I got my camera phone last fall) to set up a Moblog (mobile blog). Between sniffling and hacking, I finally did today. You can find it here, with the latest picture constantly update on the right side of the nonfamous main index page, below the list of links. I’ve posted a few things I had knocking around in my phone, but rest assured that I’ll be taking some fresh pictures soon.