Much like “video killed the radio star”, Target has killed the American Craft Artist. Now don’t get me wrong, I shop at Target like any other self respecting homosexual. I also have absolutely no problem with huge corporations that snuff out the little “mom and pop’ companies, this, I believe, is the American Way. It is also the Huge Corporations that have allowed me to continue the artist dream…the dream that Target is now sucking out the life. You see, I create hand-painted stemware and I have done so through the generosity of Bill Gates, via my partner working there (HEHEHE). But now you can get similar glasses in Target, T.J. Maxx and even Nordstrom that is all produced over seas, has no artistry and a price for which I cannot compete. It is those little hands in countries like China that are producing me right out of business. And it is also the fact that we all love to shop in store like these that, yes even myself, have shopped me out of business. Why would you want to pay an artist for their work when you can get it, or a facsimile there of, at a major discount store for a fraction of the price?
So after 10 years of self-employment (and the fact that I am pushing 40) I now face entering back into the 9 to 5 work force so that I can afford to buy the things that I can no longer afford to produce! Anyone looking to hire an ex-fashion designer, ex-bartender, ex-muralist, and ex-craftsperson/artist…..I’m looking…..maybe I can go get a job at Target!


  1. That is such a shame. Is craft still art when it’s available in identical forms in every store in every country? I think not. I have much the same reaction to the selection of prints you get in IKEA’s art department.

    Is there any solution to this problem? I certainly hope so. Jamie’s glassware is truly amazing art.

  2. Thanks David!!! Unfortunately this is the circle jerk of life….when something becomes popular it is immediately brought to the masses, with no appreciation, via the discount stores. In reverse, there are times when street level mass becomes high end art…so it does reverse itself at times. I am excited about the chance to move in new directions!!!

  3. Jamie, we look forward to hearing more about your adventure here! It should be a good outlet for the rigors of the job search.

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