Seattle: Winter Wonderland

Yesterday, it snowed in Seattle. Now, for many cities this is nothing to get excited about. But here in Seattle, when it snows it’s a special occasion. The entire town shuts down, pretty much, and the media has a field day. The whole day before: “it’s gonna snow!”. The whole day yesterday: “hey, it’s snowing!”. And all today: “the aftermath of the snow”. It’s pretty funny.

But me, I love the snow. Because of the treacherous roads the offices were all closed, so Jay and I had a day at home. It was nice to be working in the living room, laptop wirelessly connected to the office via VPN, and watch the cross-country skiiers go by.

And it was all the better because yesterday was my birthday. Really, I don’t think it could’ve turned out better.

Here are some photos of casa nonfamous in the snow.