That’s irony

Another walk with Short Dad today. Yayy! Let’s spin round in circles three times by the door. “Sit!” “Sit!” “Down!” “SIT!!!”. Hmm, maybe I’d better sit. Short dad puts the leash on. Oboy it’s the long leash! Double yay!

I lead Short Dad on the usual route. Down past the blackberry bushes in the overgrown lot. Along the straight road with all the interesting staircases to explore. What’s that down there? The park!?! Oboyoboyoboy. I’m real excited now.

But why is Short Dad stopping? He’s looking at a lamp post, but it doesn’t seem like he needs to go potty. No… he’s looking at a sign stuck to the post. There’s a picture on it. Hey, it looks like me! I wonder why it’s stuck up there.

Short Dad is trying to take down the sign, but it looks like he’s having trouble doing it with one hand. Lots of sticky tape all around the post. What’s he doing now? He’s taking the clipping thing and attaching it to his belt. Oh, I see! He’s attaching the leash to the caribiner so he can use both hands to take down the sign. Looks like he’s making progress now.

But I want to go in the park!! Maybe if I tug a bit he’ll take notice … whoa! Looks like the belt loop on Short Dad’s pants is gonna break.

ARGHAGAGAHGH! What’s this noise on the ground! Gotta run gotta run. Omigod! It’s chasing me! And clattering! Oh, the clattering! I can’t get away from it! Maybe if I run down this hill into the bushes I can escape… run run run run run run run

run run run run run … it’s still chasing me!!

run run


ACK!! I’m stuck! Stuck under a recycling bin! But at least the clattering has stopped. Maybe I’ll just hide here for a while.

Is that Short Dad’s voice? Hmm. I think I’ll just stay right here thank you.

He’s calling me again. Go away! Let me be neurotic in peace Short Dad!

Oh dear. A corgi is sniffing at me! What will I do? And look, the corgi’s Mum is looking at me now! Go away! But look, she’s untangling the leash. Maybe she has a soft bed I can lie on. I think she’s taking me home.

Corgi’s mum puts a bone in front of me. Is it mine? I don’t think so. Corgi has come up and eaten it. Lucky I didn’t touch it. Mustn’t touch what isn’t mine.

Corgi’s mum looks at my collar. It’s pretty and jangly isn’t it? Now she’s going to the telephone. “Hello … is that animal control? … Yes, I’ve found a dog … I see a license number on his collar … yes, I’ll hold while you call.” A couple of minutes later the phone rings. “Yes, I have him right here … come over, I’ll leave the light on.” I wonder what that was all about?

Knock knock! Scary noise. What’s that? Is that Short Dad’s voice? Maybe if I peek around the corner! It is him… gotta hide. He’s calling me! “Sit!” Sounds like the stern voice. I’d better sit. Oh look, it’s the short leash. That means we’re going to the Dog Park!! Yayyy!! I’m happy. Short Dad leads me out of the strange house and into the Big Truck. I love riding in the truck. I bet we’re going to the park. Can’t wait can’t wait can’t wait. Hey, why are we home already? Oh well, better run upstairs and into my bed.

I wonder why we didn’t go to the dog park? Maybe it’s because I ran away from Short Dad. Nahh, couldn’t be. I’ve never done anything like that before, so how mad could he be? In any case I promise never to do it again.

One thought on “That’s irony”

  1. Dozer, your posts are a bit repetitive of late!

    Luckily for me, 90% of this adventure unfolded with me in the air en route to New York. But poor David.

    We are getting this dog some drugs, before he drives us to drink. (Drink more?)

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