The Best Imitation of Myself

Andy Warhol said that everybody gets 15 minutes of fame. Since I became aware of that statement, I have been haunted with the pressure to make sure I didn’t “squander” it uselessly. I think ultimately I’m hoping to stretch it out long enough to make some cash and then maybe even become a decent trivial pursuit answer. (Not in the Kato Kalin sort of way mind you… I said “decent”) It’s good to have dreams no? Well, thinking about the 15 minutes scenario every now and then always pauses me to reflect on maybe what could have been or should have been or the road less travelled sort of thing… (we could call it RobertFrost-itis I suppose) so, with the exception of 6 minutes in a Donny Osmond video, I was curious to see how well my remaining 9 minutes were being “saved”. Not an easy task to accomplish but thank god for the internet right? (without which, how would you be reading this anyway?) I’m sure everyone has done this at least once, where you type in your name into a google search and see what pops up as “you”. Well, as it turns out my name is not uniquely my own. There they were the other “me”s. A doctor or two, a tennis player, a travel editor (who has been dubbed the “travel detecctive”), a kid who plays drums in a high school marching band, and some guy named Warren but was nicknamed “Pete” (How the hell does that happen?!) Sort of like a mini vacation for the soul, there were these other lives all right there hanging out as possabilities and choices missed or not taken (yeah, that part is a stretch but if you can’t go with that, then this article really doesn’t have much of a point now does it?). It is somehow comforting to think that I have made progress and advancements in the medical and labratory science or have been alerting people to frequent flyer scams, shredding it up the guitar with 10 pounds of aquanet in the lion mane of my hair (didn’t I mention him before? yeah… there’s one of those out there too) and so on… it somehow makes the days of sitting about the house eating a pint of Ben & Jerry’s seem less like slacking off and more like a well deserved rest from all of my worldly activities. It is good to know that my 9 minutes are still safely stored away and who knows maybe I’ll get to borrow a few from those other guys… not like they’ll miss ’em or anything.

3 thoughts on “The Best Imitation of Myself”

  1. Ahh, the ancient art of ego-surfing. A pleasure I’ve always been denied due to the commonness of my name. Google currently registers about 14 million links for “David Smith”. 🙁

    I wanna hear about the Osmond thing too!

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