New web-immersive marketing program

You may recall the brilliant web-based marketing program for the movie AI. It began with a single webpage for a university that does not exist, but which apparently hired some characters related to the movie. The way you got started in the game was to note the “Jeanine Salla” was listed in the trailer as the “Robot Psychologist” (a strange title, to be sure). From the first google search you were led to a series of websites set in the timeline of the movie, with a murder-mystery to solve to boot. In my opinion, the most innovative marketing program ever, and very successful too.

Now, it looks like the Matrix is getting into the act. Remember who Neo worked for? Check out Metacortex (if it’s not slashdotted, anyway), especially the products and services section. There’s a particularly intriguing link to an undersea hotel. What’s it all about? No one’s really sure just yet, but finding out is part of the game. The game is afoot, and a guide to the puzzle is already underway.

3 thoughts on “New web-immersive marketing program”

  1. Curiouser and curiouser as Alice would say. If you visit the Directory link at, you can find Beth McConnell (the employee of the month featured on the home page) in the directory for Redland, WA. (Redland does not exist, I checked). I you call her number you can leave a message, I guess this is a way to get a clue in the game. But if you visit her bio listed there, you can find her personal homepage, and if you go to “>document 73 in her resarch files, you find a reference to the Cascade Vortex.

    Now, here’s where it gets interesting. An easy guess of the URL leads you to the Cascade Vortex website. It’s located on Highway 12 south of Ranier National Park, and apparently you can visit it. The site suggests bringing your camera, so I guess this leads to another clue. These games often have a big budget, but I’m astounded they’d go to the length of actually buying (or more likely renting) actual property to support the game. Anyone want to check it out?

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